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    Frequently asked questions


    Can’t book a tour?

     – Try switching to another browser. Make sure cookies are enabled and the tour in question has availability. 

    Can bookings be made on location?

     – Yes. We do accept walk-in bookings as long as there is availability. Payments can be made with both cash and card. 

    Got a receipt but not a voucher?

     – Your internet browser is most likely to blame for this. Don’t worry, your receipt can be used to verify your booking. 

    Booked the wrong date or time?

     – Mistakes happen. Send an email with updated information to info@thecave.is and include your booking number: CAV-XXXXXXX 

    Access, Location & Opening Hours

    Where do I show up?

     – The Cave tour starts at Víðgelmir service house. You can find a description and map HERE

    Do I need a pick up? 

     – In short, no, not really. We supply pickups to and from Húsafell for day tours from Reykjavík. The only time you might want to consider booking the shuttle is during winter time, if your car is 2WD only.  

    Pick up from Reykjavík?

     – The Cave does not offer pick ups in Reykjavík. However we do work with some of the major bus tour companies in Reykjavík. 

    List of these tours can be found HERE.

     4WD or 2WD, i.e. will my car make it?

     – The Cave is accessible 90% of the year with a 2WD car. However, we do recommend 4WD during winter. Not only will you surely get to us but also be a lot safer driving in Iceland. 

    How is the road to The Cave?

     – The road is NOT an F road. Just your standard, every day Icelandic gravel road. Just take it slow, avoid the potholes and enjoy the occasional washboard massage.

    Road conditions?

     – Whenever you are heading out in Iceland make sure you look at road.is for updated conditions. It is very important to do this in winter. 

    Is the cave open this time of year?

     – Yes. We are open all year round. 


    Is there an age limit for children?

     –  There is not an age limit for the Cave Explorer tour. However, we do have guidelines and rules for guests with young children. These rules are put in place to ensure your child does not disrupt the experience of other guests. If you are told or have to leave the tour because your child is upset we will refund the tour. 

    How hard/ difficult is it?

     – With our wooden walkway this tour is very easy. There is a long staircase entering the cave with many places to rest. The tour is slow paced and if you have to turn around we will refund you the tour.


    Is there a discount for students or seniors?

     – We do not offer discounts, sorry. 

    Any discount if I do both the Lava and Ice cave?

     – The Cave and Into the Glacier are two separate companies. As such there is not a combo discount. 


    Cave Master

     – The Cave Master tour is not available unless requested. Even then there is no guarantee that the tour will commence. The Cave Master tour is reserved for members of a geological society. It is not an “adventure”, it is a 4 hr lecture about the geology and formation of the cave.

    Into the Glacier

     – If you have any questions regarding the ice cave in Langjökull. Please visit Intotheglacier.is

    Can both the lava cave and Ice cave be done in one day? 

     – Both caves can be done in one day. We recommend that you take the 10:00 departure with Into The Glacier and come to us in the afternoon. There are other ways to puzzle the day as well but this we find works best for both the Ice and Lava cave.